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In honor of a friend or loved one, you can purchase a gift that will help ChildVoice International meet the needs of children in conflict areas. Give a gift for those in need; speak out for the thousands of children rendered voiceless by war; act on the conviction that children broken by war can be restored in safe communities with loving care, spiritual and emotional counseling, and effective education and vocational training.

Your gift to ChildVoice International will help restore the voices of children silenced by war.
For the dietary protein their eggs offer, there is reason enough to purchase a chicken for the Lukome Farm. The additional advantages of their high production rate, as well as their added value as provider of fertilizer and pest control, make this a gift that keeps on giving. Your gift will provide one child with two complete uniforms, including  blouse, t-shirt, skirt/shorts, socks, and shoes. To ensure a successful reintegration for the girls, they need tools to start up their own businesses in the vocation of their choosing. Many of the girls are interested in bakery and need basic pans, small ovens, and utensils to have a thriving bakery.
Bunk Beds
After the girls have done their baking at the Lukome Centre, bicycles are needed to deliver their fresh bread to customers in the surrounding villages and towns. The ability for a mother and child to sleep in the same room but not have to share a bed is priceless. The Lukome Centre offers students the opportunity to receive training in three vocational areas; bakery, salon and tailoring. Your gift will provide one month of quality instruction in these areas, as well as any necessary supplies.
Northern Uganda is no different from any other developing country where there is a great dependency on livestock products. Just one cow can provide up to 12 children with their daily allotment of fresh milk. Following their graduation from the Lukome Centre, each student enters into the community phase of the program. Your gift will provide each student with one month of follow-up monitoring by ChildVoice Staff. To sustain adequate production and expand the variety of crops harvested, the Lukome Farm needs a steady flow of seed and fertilizer. Locally hired workers spend months clearing the land for planting, eager to make the farm a success. Your gift will provide the service and supplies necessary to support this farming initiative.
Gifts made through this catalog represent a gift to the entire mission. To help the most number of families move toward sustainability, ChildVoice does not use its limited resources to track gifts from donation to distribution. We use your gifts where they can do the most good by pooling them with the gifts of others to help transform entire communities. And, because you are helping ChildVoice restore the voices of children silenced by war, your gift is tax deductible.

All listed prices include a 25% administrative fee.